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An unusual way to gain competitive advantage

When a survey or poll or anything is carried out, the average outcome is usually used to determine the behavior of the measured population.

This means that the lowest respondents and the highest respondents get ignored.

Creating any solution based on the averages leaves everyone (your solutions) average, and at the end of the day, you won’t be doing anything that your competitor isn’t doing.

If you include the behavior of all measured population in your solutions, you’d come up with tailored solutions for all behaviors.

But you won’t, because you are average (not your fault, you’ve been conditioned to get used to average).

So, you need to rise above average to see this error.

Consider the following:

  • Read wide
  • Be curious
  • Always listen attentively
  • Be genuinely interested in helping your audience solve their problems.

(This blog post was inspired by “the error of the average” concept by Tal Ben-Shahar).

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