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The Done Tribe is a community of people who get things done. We walk the talk, not just do the talk. We are entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in achieving set goals and becoming better versions of ourselves. 

Activities in this community include:

  1. Monthly goal setting sessions which holds every last week of the month to set goals for the next month and brainstorm on strategies to achieve them.
  2. Monthly business classes where we learn a new business skill to help us run businesses better.
  3. Monthly self care classes where we learn skills to become more aware on how to really take good care of ourselves.
  4. Huge discounts on payment for yearly offline mastermind meetups where we meetup to brainstorm, discuss strategies for businesses, career, personal lives and also network. You will be charged a token to access the program online in a private streaming if you are unable to attend.
  5. Bi-monthly online mastermind meetups.
  6. Monthly content planning classes.
  7. Free digital marketing tutorials
  8. Worksheets
  9. And lots more.

How it works

When you join my community, you will receive alerts of new blog posts from me at most once a week, you will also receive other emails such as insights on related industry news. So, expect emails from me 2 to 3 times weekly.

I will also invite you to join me for the above activities which you will have to pay a token to access. I will typically send this invitation at the beginning of every month with the calendar of activities for that month, afterwards, you will receive two (2) reminders to confirm your attendance by making payment. 

Payment for taking part in the activities I listed above (monthly sessions) is Eight Hundred and Fifty Naira (N850) or $3 (Three Dollars) only per month. This is a flexible payment as against yearly charges. You can decide to attend the sessions this month and not attend next month, as you can see, it’s quite flexible with no pressure at all.

Go here to join the community now.

PS: Membership to my community is one of the best gifts you can give to your friends and loved ones this year. So, invite them to join us too. Spread goodwill!

Joining my community is free, however monthly payment of Eight Hundred and Fifty Naira (N850) or $3 (Three Dollars) only per month is required to take part in our monthly sessions and you will be invited every month to make payment before the beginning of the sessions as listed above.


Do you have questions or need clarifications before joining? Use the form below to contact me.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Toyin Adekola

Hi there, Welcome here! My name is Toyin Adekola, I am a productivity and wellness entrepreneur helping business and creative professionals increase productivity and achieve their goals without burnout while maintaining optimal psychological fitness.

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