Corruption, just like charity begins at home

I stopped to buy one of my favorite foods on my way home from work yesterday. I had paid my money and was waiting for the vendor to package the item when another buyer arrived. He asked for the price of the commodity and the vendor’s son told him the real amount which is the same amount I paid. However, the mother arrived almost immediately with my packaged item, just in time to hear the new buyer’s question. She answered too, adding almost 5% to it.

The item in question is sold at the same fixed price nationwide, so it is not a question of whether I was lucky to pay lesser than the man. The vendor’s son was surprised at the new price, I could see the expression on his face, he was even about to speak out but his mother shut him up.

To me, that is the worst behaviour a mother could exhibit at any time especially in the presence of her little one. She lied and was trying to cheat at the same time! Those acts will be engrained into her son’s memory and could birth negative vices in him.

There are various scenarios of corruption that children witness daily, and since it is coming from their parents or elderly ones, they assume that those occurrences are proper. Children see the older ones as role models and they follow in their steps, actions and words combined.

Some parents even go to the extent of procuring special examination centre pass for their children, when it is clear that to them that they will be given ready answers to their examination questions, an act which is seriously against the examination conduct. If your child knows that he has your back and support for any corrupt act, do you expect him to grow up without corruption?

A man once offered to pay his daughter’s school authority for her to be promoted to the next class because the girl had repeated the same class several times. Is it not best to tackle the main reason of the girl’s academic dullness than try to buy her way to the next class?

Even among themselves, parents exhibit bad behaviours while the children are watching. Imagine a father who holds a high position at work entertaining official visits in his home just to do some side deals. And the mother too, employing all manner of cunny actions to cheat her customers.

If you act corrupt, your children will grow up corrupt because they look up to you for clues on how to blend into the society. Before the society impacts the child, he is first formed at home. The kind of formation he receives will determine how he responds to societal occurrences.

Back to the vendor, her son, and the buyer; I would have spoken out about the correct price of the item. But I just finished an episode with a cabbie who was trying to overcharge me too. So I was very exhausted, moreover, the buyer countered the mother’s price, according to him, he bought the item the previous day at the same normal amount I paid for it.

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