Free up space with my Declutter challenge

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I am so excited to start this month with a declutter challenge. Let’s dive in.

It is an old saying that ‘less is more’. This translates to many meanings depending on the angle from which you look at it.

When less is more means the less you look, the more you see.

Also, less is more may mean the less you talk, the more you learn.

Less is more sometimes equal to the less you spend, the more you save.

AND when less is more translates to the less you have, the more you become.

The last instance has a more elaborate meaning which is, the lesser you have to deal with, the more you are able to be what you wish to become.

Why declutter?

The above analysis sums up the meaning of declutter for the purpose of this challenge. I want us to free up space both physical and non physical  to allow room for more productive tasks, more useful items and beautiful emotions.

This challenge will run for 7 days (one week) and it never expires. This means that it starts for you anytime you sign up for it.

The focus declutter areas are

  1. Mailbox
  2. Facebook & phone book
  3. Workspace
  4. Wardrobe
  5. Livingroom
  6. Kitchen
  7. The 7th area will be revealed shortly and it’s the most important.

You will have one day to complete each declutter area.

How to participate

  1. Sign up HERE to enter the challenge
  2. You will receive 1 email everyday from 24 hours after you sign up with instructions on how to declutter the focus area(s) for that day
  3. You will have up to 24 hours to complete the challenge for each day
  4. The hashtag for this challenge is #thedonetribe, do make use of it in your social media posts especially on Twitter and Instagram for a fat chance to be retweeted/reposted.

Do you crave more space to improve your productivity? CLICK THIS LINK TO SIGN UP FOR THIS CHALLENGE TODAY!

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  1. wdwrws

    What a great idea! I love all of the focus on decluttering these days, and I myself have learned to use the standard of getting rid of anything I don’t love or don’t use.

  2. mamaofkings13

    I recently went on a huge de-clutter spree about a month ago using the KonMari Method. It literally saved my sanity. I never really thought to “de-clutter” my Facebook and mailbox!

    1. Toyin Adekola

      Facebook and mailbox are 2 spaces that could eat up our time real good. I will look up the KonMari method, thanks for mentioning it.

  3. Rissa

    I’m preparing to move next month and I love decluttering. This post was awesome! I think I’ll participate 🙂

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