10 fun affirmations to help you have a productive week

10 fun affirmations to help you have a productive week

Happy new week!

What are your goals for this week? Did you break them into smaller tasks that you can easily accomplish? As my contribution to your efforts, I have put together the following affirmations to help you have a productive week. Enjoy!

1. Focus is the new cool

I focus on the job at hand and only multitask if the works are related. E.g. I read while getting my pedicure done but I don’t read while responding to business mails. Here is how to multitask effectively and still maintain high productivity.

2. Out of sight is out of mind

I don’t take office work to my home because I like to concentrate on domestic issues when I’m at home. A strategy I adopt to make this decision work for me is that I do as much as I can in the office and always end the work day with an almost clear desk.

3. Out of sight is not out of mind

I don’t forget that I am a woman with high expectations from the society. So wherever I am, seen or not seen, I do my best to be the best and not a disappointment to those who believe in me. I spend my time on productive activities.

4. Break time is off time

I take my break at its assigned time whether I work remotely or in an office. I know that break time helps me renew my focus on the work at hand. So, when it’s time for a break, I take time off work and try to do nothing for the duration.

5. I take breakfast

I take my breakfast daily at the right time because I know it is the most important meal of the day which gives me the energy to do all that I need to do for that day. It also keeps me healthy and mentally alert.

6. I have to-do!

I have a to-do list which I prepare every morning or the night before to keep me on top of my daily activities. My list is simple and flexible so I can adjust it if the need arises. Keeping my list simple also allows me to complete my tasks easily.

7. I love me

I take good care of myself because I know that selfcare is good for my wellbeing. I eat good food, workout, sleep well and smile often. I also enjoy the good things of life at my disposal.

8. I support women

I know that when women support women big things happen so I support women with the things I know or have at my disposal. I also lend my helping hands because I know that what goes around comes around and as such helping hands will also be stretched towards me when I am in need.

9. I jot!

When I get new ideas, I write them down either in my phone notepad or handy notebook. I jot because I am aware that some of these ideas are gold if I implement them.

10. Collaboration is bae

Girl bosses collaborate not compete. This I know as a fact which is why I am always open for opportunities to get things done with my fellow girl bosses. I am also aware that collaboration is a mutually beneficial event that can help me achieve big results with little effort.

I hope the above affirmations help you improve on productivity and work-life balance this week and beyond. Would you like to add yours to this list? Comment it below.

Toyin Adekola

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  1. abimbola4

    I love the affirmations.

  2. francescawellman

    I love these affirmations! I’ve been trying to focus on my mental health and motivation a lot and these seem really helpful

  3. Melani

    Hello. I am a civil servant too. I admire you because you can manage your time. It is important to give positive affirmation to ourselves or we will loose the focus to our goals. I agree with you that eating our breakfast is very important. Wish the best for your website.

  4. Ivie

    Nice affirmations, thanks for sharing

  5. Patricia G.

    I agree 100% that we women need to work together and support each other! If more of us started looking out for each other, we would be able to make this world a more just and loving place.

    1. Toyin Adekola

      Yes please! We need all the love we can get and give in return.

  6. emilynncaulfield

    I also find that when I have a to-do list it keeps me on track. Definitely a great set of rules, thank you for sharing these!!

  7. Christie Moeller

    I couldn’t function without my To-Do list! Great tips! Here’s to a productive week ahead!

  8. Elizabeth O

    This is a really great list for a productive week. There are a lot of affirmations I could take on board here too.

  9. xoxocb2

    These are great and very helpful. I hope I can keep these in mind and have a productive week. Thank you for the tips!

  10. France

    Toyin, these are great affirmations to live by. I especially like supporting other women or other people as my way of paying forward. I believe that by raising others, we raise ourselves.

    Love, Light, and Sparkles!

    1. Toyin Adekola

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, we learn in the process of making efforts to raise others. Cheers!!

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