In your own interest

In your interest

Free yourself of doubts, of fear, of what ifs, most importantly, free yourself from yourself.

The sky is vast and there is space for everybody to soar, why don’t you spread your wings and let go?

Are you in a non-satisfactory job?

Resign if you have explored all avenues to love your job but you can no longer cope. It is normal to fear unemployment but did you know that you can job hunt and pass the interview only if you are emotionally stable? So, free yourself now from that job. Take a break, you deserve it. Then think of way forward while you are sane.

If you remain, you are setting up yourself for series of emotional stress which would gradually start to tell on your job performance, eventually leading to appointment termination. Won’t you rather free yourself from negative career review while you can?

Are you in an abusive relationship?

Nobody is perfect. Friend, do not allow anyone tell you who you are based on their own myopic view. Free yourself from toxic attachments because you are whole and you can go a long way by yourself if the people you chose to walk with are no longer serving that purpose.

Dwell no more inside the cage that people have built around you. Refuse to be less of whom you are. Commit to daily personal development and strive for excellence for it is only this way that you can leave being average behind. Imagine if you wallow in self pity day in day out, while your abusers are busy minding their own business, and at the end of the day you are still at the same spot while they might have moved ahead, do you think the abuse will end?

No, it won’t. The more you stay down, the more people push you around. Stand tall and prove your worth. Grab every opportunity that comes to you as moments of glory. If the situation is negative, turn it into an opportunity to test your strengths. If it is positive, accept the good things of life and enjoy.

Is your business growth too slow?

Okay, we all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so, your business cannot become that conglomerate you hope for in a day. Do you just stalk your competitors daily without taking actions on the strategies you learn? Are you the type that read business books, listen to podcasts and attend every available business seminar without acting actions?

If you want your business to grow, do the work. Practice makes perfect, so do your work to the best of your ability while keeping your eyes on the prize. Your destination is the prize and it is reachable if you take steps towards it everyday, no matter how little.

Do not wish to be like established authorities in your industry by following them everywhere, instead, enjoy the building process of your business and free yourself of daydreams.


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