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Inbound marketing briefly explained in friendly terms

Not everyone is your immediate customer or even your customer at all.

Some might not be able to afford you yet, others might need you but not enough to become a paying client.

Just be kind, don’t put anyone off. If your audience see how helpful and friendly you are, they might recommend you to friends and family who need you.

So BEING FRIENDLY is also a form of marketing.

This method works, so don’t miss out on its magic.

While you can learn the basics on Google, making it work depends on you.

This is how to go about it:

  • Be genuinely friendly
  • Always be willing to help
  • Don’t be too quick to sell
  • Always be happy/positive
  • Stop behaving as if selling is a do or die affair.

If you use the fire brigade approach to get clients, they might not repeat nor become your word of mouth advocate, meanwhile the goal should be to sell over and over.

Marketing is not only about followers count or even engagement rates, it’s more about building real relationships and inbound marketing is one of the best ways to effectively build solid relationships with your target audience.

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