Mastermind Group for Writers

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Are you a social media manager, blogger, writer, business owner, or other creative person who is always short of content ideas?

Do you want to become a better writer who never runs out of material to help you write consistently?

What if there was a platform created to help you achieve your writing goals?

A platform that presents you with daily writing prompts, daily exercises, weekly writing contests and so much more, to help you become a better writer bringing you closer to your target audience day after day.

Enters Mastermind Group For Writers, a premium virtual community for writers who are interested in growth mindset, deep activities on content marketing, productivity, and hacks for becoming a better writer.

Activities in this group include:

  1. Daily writing prompts
  2. Daily copywriting exercises
  3. Weekly writing contests
  4. Monthly goal setting sessions
  5. Bi-weekly focus topic (mindset discussions)
  6. Monthly group coaching on productivity
  7. Monthly content planning classes.
  8. Content marketing tutorials
  9. Worksheets.

Expected membership outcome

  1. Create content consistently for your content creation
  2. Learn content marketing, concept by concept
  3. Become a better copywriter
  4. Sharpen your writing skill
  5. Set goals that you actually crush month after month
  6. Enjoy unlimited tools to make content marketing an easy ride for you
  7. Meet new people for networking
  8. Accountability
  9. Mindset shift
  10. Lots of fun

Participation Fee (charged quarterly)

The fee for taking part in the activities listed above is Five Thousand Naira (N5000.00) or $10.00 (Ten Dollars) only per quarter. This is a flexible payment as against yearly charges. You can decide to participate in the sessions this quarter and not participate next quarter, as you can see, it’s quite flexible with no pressure at all.

Are you hooked already?

Join us to learn how to always generate exciting ideas and write content that converts.

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