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What I Do

I help entrepreneurs establish expertise, generate quality leads and create awesome customer experience through executive assisting and digital marketing.

Is this you?

>> You’ve heard that having a website is good for business visibility and leads generation;

>> You’ve been told by your business coach that you need email marketing to nurture your leads and turn them to paying customers;

>> You are well aware that using spreadsheets to track your customers is a sure way of delivering good customer service;

>> You have solid ideas to run a signature programme but you need to simplify your message so your audience can understand and flow with you….

I get all that. I know where you are coming from and what you want to achieve;

But the problem is usually one or more of the following:

>> you don’t have the technical know-how to do all of the above;

>> you find it overwhelming to do all of the aforementioned and still serve your clients;

>> you don’t have the technical know-how to do all of the above;

>> you don’t have the funds to hire full-time staff to take on these responsibilities yet;

This is where you need me to help you handle the technicalities required to run a successful online business while you focus on what you do best and, without creating a hole in your business finance.

I’m that technical assistant, and I’m here to help you take advantage of digital marketing to run better businesses and delight your customers always.

Here’s a breakdown of my offers:


A well planned digital marketing activity that covers quality Lead Generation, Content Creation and Email Marketing will help you establish industry expertise, attract your target audience and increase visibility on the internet.


Bridge the communication gap between your expertise and consumers without losing the essence of message.


Create awesome user experience and delight your audience with a CRM system that engages and converts.