Toyosi Soniyi

June 23, 2018

Toyin is unarguably one of the most competent persons I’ve met. She knows her onions! I met her on Instagram via Excellaid, and requested a free consultation. Honestly, I was expecting the usual give me tip then tell me to pay 50,000 Naira or some more money to continue coaching me but that’s not Toyin. She gave me so many tips that day that helped me grow, things that I applied to my small business and I still apply.

Subsequently, she has provided me with so many more tips. You can tell by conversations with her that she works hard, she reads wide and learns to be better, to provide her clients with the best tools and resources.

Toyin is very courteous, she would teach you so much that you would be overloaded with information but you’d appreciate it. She also learns about her customers and is very emotionally intelligent, whatever stage you are at, she will meet you there. If you have no experience with social media and websites, she will teach you. If you are advanced, she can still teach you. That’s another awesome thing about her, she understands her audience and is able to give you meaningful coaching with anything you need for your small business.

Whatever she charges you is worth is I promise, you will grow so much with what she provides. Please work with her:) I have only known her for about 1 month, maybe 2, but I’m so glad I did and I am glad I have her to help me grow my businesses.

She is the literal BEST! THANK YOU, TOYIN.

Service (s) used

Free consultation
Content management
Social media management
Business blogging
Website setup
My free templates + calendars
Virtual assistant course
Facebook group

2nd June 2018

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Welcome to my blog!

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