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Here are several ways we can work together


After an initial consultation of 30 minutes, you and I will work together using the following tools to setup a platform through which you will get your message out to the audience that has been waiting for you to change their lives positively with your skills, knowledge and experiences.

  1. Clarity session (4 hours)

  2. Content strategy session (6 hours)

  3. Productivity coaching (4 hours)

  4. Application of positive psychology to content creation (2 hours)

  5. Creative content services

  6. Free membership to my Mastermind Group for Writers (this offer covers one quarter only).

Each item on number 1 to 4 is billed at N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira) or $50 (Fifty Dollars) only per hour.

Number 5 which includes basic website setup, social media content creation, copywriting, email marketing, lead generation, and blogging, will be charged based on the specific service you need. Price ranges from N30, 000 or $100 above.

Number 6 is optional.

Work duration is typically three (3) weeks from the date of commencement.


This offer includes the following:

  1. Productivity coaching
  2. Happiness work tools
  3. Selfcare roadmap

The charge for this offer will be discussed based on your needs and goals. I will provide you with tools and products for each item on the offer. If you are outside Nigeria, I will waybill the physical tools to you or we make arrangement on how you can procure them at your location.

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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I see you....

Hey Entrepreneur! Welcome to the space I created to help you increase productivity so that you can achieve your goals without burnout, thrive, create impacts and change lives with your creativity. I see you and I am rooting for you!

Toyin, Your bestie

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