You too can be great

What do you like to do?

Immerse yourself and make something big out of it. The genius you read about today and the mentor that motivated you yesterday, are ordinary people who immersed themselves in their passion and became great. You too can be great.

It is said that 10,000 hours of practice can help you master a skill. This rule, whether right or wrong, covers a famous saying that practice makes perfect. Which means that continuously working on your passion will bring about perfection and eventually make you great.

Take action now. Whatever new skill you want to learn, start learning it now. Enough with the procrastination. Which of your hobbies do you want to monetise? Immerse yourself now in past works of the industry influencers, read books, practice, listen and learn more.

It is not going to be smooth but you need to have the big picture in mind when you work. Each of the people you admire all have stories to tell. Tales of struggles, perseverance, consistency and hope. They are where you see them today because they never gave up. You too can be great if you immerse yourself.

Leave your doubts behind and focus on your goals. Greatness is within your reach but you have to work to possess it.


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